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Here at Enter Maritime Co., our aim is to provide our guests with the best possible nautical trip, to help them experience the Aegean sea and appreciate its beauty like we do. We want to provide an opportunity to experience the yachting lifestyle, giving our guests the freedom to choose when they want to sail and cater to their needs. We also pride ourselves in being transparent, and not including any hidden fees in our guests' bookings, in order to make our services straightforward and simple to book.

So whether you want to explore the beautiful bays on one of our signature cruises, or are looking for something more unique, the choice is yours.



Aerial View of Lake

What We Offer

Cruise the waves, your way

 Here at Enter Maritime Co. we want to provide yachting trips, tailored to your needs. When you book your place aboard our vessel, we keep in touch so together we can plan the ideal trip for you. Book any one of our recommended cruises which include some popular bays in the area, or request a tailor made trip, to your specifications, it's up to you.


 By booking any of our signature trips which you can find in the BOOK section of this website, you would be reserving your spot online by paying a deposit, to ensure you don't miss out on the date that is perfect for you. After that is done, all that's left is for you to look forward to your upcoming day on the waves.

 If you are looking for a more unique experience, we can provide that as well. You can do that via our booking services, by selecting the Personalised Voyage option. By leaving your email and giving us a description of what you have in mind on the booking form, together we can create your perfect voyage, exactly to your specifications. We take care of everything and get back to you with the final price.

 If you also have any questions regarding our services, or anything else we can help you with, you can chat with us on our site and our captain would be happy to help!



Looking forward to seeing

you aboard Suzie Q!


The Enter Maritime Co. team 

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